The rainy season is coming. Notices for Driving on National Roads Print

    The rainy season is coming. In order to avoid slipping when driving in rainy days, please check the tire tread pressure before on the roads. In addition, if driving in rainy weather, please drive carefully, keep a driving safe distance, do not change lanes, and turn on headlights. It is to protect yourself and protect other people.

    According to the data of the Meteorological Bureau, from May 1, there is a front approaching the north of Taiwan. The weather will turn unstable, and there are brief showers or thunderstorms in all areas of the country. It is possible that the west and northeast of Taiwan will have brief heavy rains or more intense weather.

    A raining day easily affects drivers’ sights and makes puddles on the roads, affecting the brakes of vehicles. In the case of poor visibility, slipping and long braking distances, drivers are often involved in accidents – rear-end collisions due to lack of safe driving distances, glancing collisions due to changing the lane improperly, or slipping and hit the guardrail due to speedy driving. Therefore, drivers should turn on the headlights at any time during the rain, use danger warning lights to remind the rear vehicles when the visibility is poor, slow down and maintain a longer driving distance, drive carefully and avoid changing lanes in order to have a safe journey. It is recommended to exit the expressway from the nearest interchange if the visibility is very poor. If drivers are experiencing slipping while driving, please do not step the brakes in rush, release the accelerator, slow down the speed, and keep the steering wheel stable and driving straight ahead.

    Besides above-mentioned precautions, drivers should maintain and repair vehicles regularly, check the condition of the vehicle before driving, check tire tread and tire pressure to ensure its traction and drainage. If the tire pressure is not In line with the standards, a longer braking distance is required for vehicles when drive through the water-filled road. A warm reminder for drivers, please check whether the tire tread is deep enough and the tire pressure is normal before driving for a safety journey.

    In addition, tire pressure and tread depth sensors are available at information desk in the service areas on the highways. Welcome to borrow if there is a need for drivers. 

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