The nation's first outdoor “Traffic Educational Park” is now open to invite you to learn & play with your children. Print

    The first outdoor "Traffic Educational Park" was opened in Taipei Youth Park in the morning of the 3rd. The Administrative Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Mr. Wen-Jong CHI, and the Commissioner of Department of Transportation Taipei City Government, Mr. Shyue-Tair CHEN were invited to unveil the ceremony.


    The "Traffic Educational Park" in Taipei City, targeting children from 6 to 12 years old as, plans to design a fun and educational traffic safety teaching space in addition to recreational purposes, and encourages parents and teachers to accompany their children to experience learning together. Learn the traffic safety knowledge from the game and cultivate the children's daily traffic behavior with self-protection ability.


    "Traffic Education Park" is mainly divided into 7 major areas, including "Traffic Marking Line - Treasure Hunt", "Crossing Tips", "Safe Waiting Tips", "Blind Spots Reveal", "Flipping Signs", "Experiencing the Roadway", and "Crossing Street Tips". Apart from the teachings of "Children Crossing" to teach children the skills of "crossing the street" and the importance of wearing bright clothing and reflective accessories, the "Traffic Educational Park" is designed to tie in with the design of "Traffic Park Learning Sheet" and “Pedestrian Touch Button”, to learn the traffic safety knowledge by experiencing during the game, which allow immediate assessment of learning.


    According to statistics, 60% of road traffic accidents occur at intersections, and in every 7 road traffic accidents of children under the age of 12 in Taiwan, one out of every 7 people was killed or injured by "car or motorcycle", and the type of accident is "crossing the road." In the first place, nearly 60% of the total, and several traffic accidents and casualties of children rushing out of the intersection have drawn attention from all parties. Therefore, this year, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications promoted the “Children’s Safety Improvement Plan at the Intersections”. The plan for the 13th edition of the Executive Yuan’s approval plan for the next four years, 2019-2022, also refers to the practices of advanced countries. First, in the promotion of school children's safety and learning environment, to create a safe crossing of the infrastructure, give priority to improving the number of intersections and pedestrians around the school to encourage students to go to school on foot; secondly, to develop the basic traffic safety core competencies in all students, to prepare the "Safety Crossing" series of teaching plans and videos for the elementary school, and to promote teacher study and student courses more than 4 hours per academic year.


    The Ministry of Transportation and Communications, in reference to the practices of Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., this year, in cooperation with Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Miaoli, sets up a demonstration type of children's traffic park. Among them, the "FUN City: Children's Traffic Park" of Kaohsiung Science and Technology Museum has been opened since September 28th. As of November 15th, 236 children's traffic experience courses have been hosted, with a total of 10,036 participants. It is expected that from the previous static education-based school traffic safety education, combined with the school's outdoor education or community exploration, the development of plural experiential learning style of the situation fosters the risk perception ability of students while crossing the intersection in daily life.


    The Ministry of Transportation and Communications said that in the future, it will continue to assist in the promotion and use of the "Traffic Education Park". The Department of Transportation Taipei City Government will use the Internet and mobile carriers to market the parent-child experiment learning to the public. At the same time, the Education Bureau encourages the national elementary schools to combine outdoor education to let very child in the elementary school can take a step into the "Traffic Educational Park".

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