Response to the Drunk Driving Regulation: Unforgettable Class at Funeral Hall for the Drunk Driving Re-offensive Print

    In response to the drunk driving regulation of the Legislative Yuan, those who were determined or prosecuted due to drunk driving, will be determined life imprisonment or more than 5 years in prison if re-offense within 5 years resulting in death and at least 3 years and less than 10 years in prison if resulting in serious injury. The society is "zero tolerance of drinking and driving”. In order to strengthen the specific course of drunk driving, the Hsinchu City Motor Vehicles Office moved the road safety course to funeral hall. The Hsinchu City Funeral Management Office, the Hsinchu City Road Safety Committee and the Hsinchu City Traffic Police Team arranged the event of "Road Safety Practical Experience Course for the Drunk Driving Re-offensive”, an unforgettable experience of road safety, at the Hsinchu City Life Memorial Park on June 5, 2019.

    On the day of the course, the trainees took the bus to the Life Memorial Park directly from the Motor Vehicles Office. Wen-chan Hsieh, the lecturer of the funeral parlor, taught the course of "Life Education" and played the drunk driving films of Hsinchu. Then the funeral staffs guided the funeral facilities. First, the trainees visited the incineration area of the Yuhua Museum (including ashes retrieval room), walked to the public cemetery for the unidentified deaths, and then toured the freezer area of funeral parlor, casketing room, and casket display room. The course enabled the trainees to understand all the processes of farewell to life. Finally, a bus was arranged for the trainees to go back the Motor Vehicles Office.

    Kun-wu Hong, the director of the Funeral Management Office, said that the participants’ visits were specially arranged so as not to disturb funeral services that was the highest principle of the event. This course helped improve the traffic safety for the citizens and protect the safety of passers-by. The visit was welcomed and received many assists.
    Shih-Heng Chu,the director of the Hsinchu City Motor Office, said that drunk driving accidents have been frequently reported. In the past five years, there have been more than 600 people reported in the type A1 traffic accidents in the country, and nearly 36,000 people have been injured, resulting in the breakdown of countless families. The re-offending classes are arranged at the funeral parlor will let the re-offensive witness the last journey of death, recognize the preciousness of life, learn to cherish the lives of others, and thus prevent the drunk driving behavior. It is hoped that this form of training will be vigilant for the participants, and they will learn from this unforgettable experience.

    Chen, a participant, said that the learning experience in the parlor really shocked him, especially the film at the scene of the drunk driving accident, as well as casketing room, and casket display room. “When I drink, I will remember that I will not drunk driving in the future”, he said.

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