Hazard-aware education platform was launched on April 15th, making motorcyclists safer Print

    In order to improve the safety of the motorcyclists, the Directorate General of Highway has completed the planning and construction of a hazard-aware education platform for motorcyclists, which was launched on April 15, 2019. The public can take a test to know whether they have a dangerous perception of the road surroundings by watching the road reality videos. The test provides correct answers and risk-awareness thinking, that is motorcyclists can cultivate the perception of the potential risk in advance and take early attention to avoid dangers and reduce the chance of accidents when encountering similar situations through the different theme scenarios of this educational platform. The education platform has been listed as a pre-launch motorcyclist’s license course, and continued to collect opinions, and enhance functions as well. It is expected those who apply for the motorcyclist’s license test should complete the test on the education platform before making an appointment from this September.

    According to the Directorate General of Highway, the hazard-aware videos on the platform are divided into four categories (the main cause of motorcyclist’s accidents, defensive driving, recent key policies, and motorcycle characteristics), including 11 types of hazard perceptions (not in accordance with regulations, improper driving, improper turning, failure to maintain safety distance, violation of the traffic lights and controls, attention to the situation of the front car, pay attention to other cars during driving, blind sports, corners, road constructions or narrows, pay attention to the inner wheel difference and construction sign plate), a total of 20 reality films. Each film is about 30 seconds. In the event of a dangerous situation designed during the test, the motorcyclist must take action to slow down, stop or switch lanes to avoid hitting, the tester must click the button or screen to complete the tasks. After the test, the test results, the film analysis, and detailed hazard perception thinking are displayed on the screen for the testers as references.


    The motorcyclist hazard-aware education platform welcomes the general public to go to the online education platform to self-test driving hazard perception. To enhance the ability to ride on roads, it is necessary to have the ability to detect the surrounding risks beforehand.

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