The Safety of Tour Bus You Must Know Print

    The Taoyuan Motor Vehicles Office said that business tour buses are the main transportation for local tourists. Once a traffic accident occurs, it often causes major tragedies for many families. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent bus accidents and ensure the safety of renting and taking a tour bus. It is urgent to understand the safety equipment and escape of the tour bus. In order to improve the safety awareness of the residents of Taoyuan City, the Taoyuan Motor Vehicles Office cooperated with the Taoyuan Municipal Government Civil Affairs Bureau and the Taoyuan Municipal Government Social Bureau to invite the community development associations to arrange the “Safety Knowledge of Tour Bus Workshop" at the Taoyuan Motor Vehicle Office on May 22, 2019.

    In the course, the head of the Taoyuan Motor Vehicle Office was the lecturer to teach the regulations and discuss accidents of the tour bus rental. After the inspection of the safety equipment of the tour bus, the participants practiced safe equipment on the tour bus to learn the blind spots of the large vehicle, the difference of radius between inner wheels, etc. Total of 30 people participated the workshop, and the event was successful.

    Zhenglang Lin, director of the Taoyuan Motor Vehicle Office, said that maintaining and improving traffic safety is a shared responsibility of all of us. The Directorate General of Highways, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications is the authority. “It is our duty to create a safe driving environment, enhance the development of Taiwan's tourism industry, and strengthen the safety management of tour buses.”, he said. Through the practice on a real bus, this course effectively enhances the knowledge of tour bus rental and the safety awareness on buses for citizens in Taoyuan City. It helped protect safety of citizens when taking a bus, ensure the quality of activities, and avoid accidents.

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