Improve intersection safety: Solar Warning Signs Reduce Accidents at Night Effectively Print

    In order to remind drivers to watch out and slow down at intersections without traffic lights to reduce traffic accidents. Since 2016, the Kaohsiung City Transportation Bureau has implemented "solar warning signs" at the highest accident rate intersections without traffic lights to separate main roads and branch roads traffic effectively. Besides, the flash warning signs also improve visibility and reduce accidents at night. It not only saves construction costs and electricity costs, but also obtains positive feedback from drivers and residents.

    Most people are concerned about the safety at intersections. In particular, at intersections without traffic lights, main-road drivers often do not slow down while driving, branch-road drivers often do not stop and then drive, causing traffic accidents because of not giving precedence. The Transport Bureau has implemented "Solar Warning Signs" to replace the traditional power-based signs, which require electricity application and construction, in order to improve this situations and save electricity costs. The new signs are similar to the flash signs in the article 229 of the "Traffic Signs, Marking and Lights Installation Rules ", replaced yellow flash lights at main roads to remind drivers to slow down, and replaced red flash lights at branch roads to remind drivers to stop and then drive. It has been implemented at 18 intersections since 2016.

    The acting Director of the Transport Bureau, Mr Wan-Fa Huang, said that the "Solar Warning Signs" could enhance the alertness at intersections without traffic lights, which improves the traffic safety and reduces the accident rates. In future, we will continue to evaluate the effectiveness and implement widely.


    The Transport Bureau said that after studying on the accident records, the accident rate at Fumei Road and Shuangfeng Street in Mino District decreased by 33%, and Dingshan Street and Zizhong Street in Sanmin District decreased by 14%, effectively reducing the occurrence of accidents. Since 2018, the signs also implemented at five places, Lin Dong Road and Railway South Lane in Qiaotou District, No. 61 Lane, Loudi Road in Mituo District, to improve safety at the intersections without traffic lights.

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