2019 Chinese New Year Holidays Highway Services Print

    The Chinese New Year is one of the major festivals for family reunion for Chinese people. During the holidays, the demand for highway travel is higher than the service capacity, especially the traffic of a specific direction is even twice as high as that of the weekday. In response to the demand for highway travel during nine-day Chinese New Year holidays in 2019, the Freeway Bureau has planned for traffic diversion measures to improve the services of traffic clearance and rescue to shorten the process time of accident handling. It is expected to shorten the time of traffic congestion. During Chines New Year holidays this year, the detailed information are provided as below, including High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) control, traffic information for drivers, service areas, alternative roads, and advanced ramp control.

    [Adjusting the High Occupancy Vehicle Control Period of Northbound Lanes on Highway in West]
    The Freeway Bureau observed the high traffic period for northbound travel are usually on the third day and the fourth day of Chinese New Year, which caused the traffic congestion on highways easily. According to ETC big data analysis, the northbound returning travels are usually in the afternoon. Therefore, the High Occupancy Vehicle Control Period is adjusted from morning in the past years to 1 to 6pm in afternoon on the third day and the fourth day of Chinese New Year to leave the traffic peak period to high-occupancy vehicles. Besides, traffic control for one or two-passenger vehicles in morning to improve traffic diversion.

    [Enhanced Road Information]
    The new version of the 1968App is launched. In addition to the continuous improvements of the original functions, such as the integrated layers of road condition map, providing detailed road conditions within 1km, user experience (UX / UI) design to improve smooth usage. Besides, it is combined with geographic information (GIS) technology to integrate various road conditions information on a single page display, while further providing subscription of travel time, with push broadcast service for users to re-plan driving routes, avoiding congestion on highways. The app will continuously update the version and provide road information of the Provincial Road No.61, Provincial Road No.61 A, and Provincial Road No.65.

    [Strengthening diversified services in service areas]
    During the holidays, service areas of the highway will provide enhanced services, including "Friendly Washroom, Diversified Cares", "Warm Winter in New Year, Warm Hearted Service", "Convenient Parking, Safe Driving", "Welcome Happiness with the Spring, and the God of Wealth is Coming" , “Book Services in Service Areas”, and "Chinese New Year Travels, the Popular Check-in Attractions Event".

    [Improve alternative road guidance]
    When the main roads of the highway are congested, it is recommended drivers to use the alternative roads, avoiding getting stuck in traffic on highways. The authority calls for changing routes to the Provincial Road 9 from the Freeway No. 5, the Provincial Road 61 from the Freeway No. 1 and No.3, the Provincial Road 63 from the Freeway No. 6 to save time and avoid traffic jam. It is suggested to use provincial roads for short-distance travels to avoid getting stuck in traffic on highways. In order to guide drivers to change routes, there are road signs of "Happy Deer (Road)" with fluorescent lights to guide drivers to change to the alternative roads. During the holidays, "Happy Deer" road signs are placed in the changing route points of the provincial roads mentioned above. Besides, the Changeable Message Signs (CMS) provide travel time information. Welcome the public use the services. 

    [Expanding advanced ramp control]
    After the Electronic Tolling Collection system implemented, the Freeway Bureau continues to conduct big data analysis based on ETC data, and implements the advanced ramp control on the specific sections. In response to the demand for highway travel for 2019 Chinese New Year successive holidays travels and family reunion travels, the authority will expand the advanced ramp controls on ten sections in order to control the traffic.

    Finally, it is urged to the public to use public transportation. If driving on your own, please ensure to take enough rest, maintain vehicles, avoid fatigue driving, pay attention to driving, and follow the principles of highway traffic diversion: "Freeway No3. for Long-distance north-south travels, provincial roads for short-distance travels, choosing alternative roads to save time, and taking public transportation”, that will make your journey smoothly.

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