FUN City: Children's Transportation Park" hereby invites you to explore traffic safety with your kids Print

    The Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the National Science and Technology Museum held the opening ceremony of the "Fun City’s Permanent Exhibition Hall: Children's Transportation Park" at the Children's Science Park on the underground floor of the Sanfang Pavilion. The game show space in Kaohsiung City dedicated for parents and their children aged between 3 and 8 combined traffic safety with science education for the first time by offering a game space for fun and advocacy of traffic safety knowledge, hoping that everyone could experience and implement traffic safety knowledge experience in real life. 


    The exhibition hall can be divided into two major areas, including the "Fun City Shopping District" and the "Children's Traffic Park." There are traffic lanes, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian-only signs, and various shops and buildings inside. When children need to cross the intersection to reach different shops, they need to implement the correct concept of safety crossing and walk on the pedestrian crossings. At the same time, the entrance of the children's traffic park has an area dedicated for practicing crossing the intersection through the pedestrian crossing. Children can watch the teaching film and learn to safely pass the intersection.


    Most of the road traffic accidents involving children occurred when they tried to "cross the road." As several children had rushed out of the intersection to cause traffic accidents and casualties, concerns had been caused in the society. Therefore, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications had promoted the "Work Plan to Improve Children's Safety when Passing through Roads" this year. The specific practices included "improvement of the accident-prone road sections (intersections) around the school," "creating a good environment for pedestrian walking," "enhancing the enforcement of pedestrian rights," "strengthening the precautions for pedestrian crossing roads and pedestrians," "strengthening the Manpower and professional training for traffic guidance," implementing the Traffic Safety Code of "I Can See You, and You Can See Me," "Strict Compliance with the Traffic Safety Code, and encouraging "children to safely pass through intersections" by offering a two-hour session for teachers and students to engage in courses each semester. Also, the teaching plans and videos that advocate safe crossings were issued as well.


    At the same time, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications also referred to the practices in countries like Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., and cooperated with Taipei, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Miaoli to set up a simple children's transportation park for demonstration, hoping that traffic safety education on campus based on static teaching could be combined with outdoor education to show more dynamics and their practical use in real life. Through field learning and experience of traffic signs and marks, students were encouraged to cultivate abilities in risk perception while crossing the intersections.

    The Ministry of Transportation and Communications said that other counties and cities are also encouraged to set up space for traffic safety experiences and games within their jurisdictions, so that the school children can have the real traffic safety experience and develop the abilities for safe crossing. Meanwhile, in addition to school education, it is also hoped that parents and caregivers can accompany children to learn from the experience of life sciences, so that traffic safety education can really take root.

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