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    When taking to the road on a motorcycle, in addition to obedience of traffic regulations, we must have some awareness of road users’ traffic violation behaviors and observation on traffic conditions to prevent any danger.


    Motorcyclists must have concept of “Defensive Riding” listed below.

    1. Make self-imposed responsibility of obeying traffic rules, but others may not follow.  For example, be aware of any road user driving through a red light when entering a traffic-light intersection.


    2. You may see the vehicles ahead of you, but the vehicles ahead may not see you. Such situation often occurred in oversized-vehicle driver’s blind spot. Keep away from oversized vehicles while riding your motorcycle. Do not access in vehicle’s blind spot.


    3. Be aware of invisible field with potential hazards while riding your motorcycle. Look beyond the vehicles ahead of you on the road and check for blind spots. The front visual field may be hidden by other vehicles or large billboards. At the moment, you should reduce your speed and keep a safe distance around your vehicle.


    4. Keep enough safe space on all sides of your vehicle. Due to hot weather in southern Taiwan, the scooter riders often randomly stop in the lane far away waiting at red light. This may increase the danger between you and cars behind you.


    Liang Guo Guo, the Director of Kaohsiung City Motor Vehicles Office, reminds motorcyclists to develop good habits and must have concept of “Defensive Riding Safety” for danger pre-recognition and road-use safety awareness.

    For more information on defensive driving of motorcycles, visit our website at https://g.yam.com/tSYtf.

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