Yield to the Pedestrians for Road Safety Print

    Pedestrians are the most vulnerable on the roads and their right of way should be protected. Traffic regulations have expressly provided that all vehicles must yield to pedestrians when approaching crosswalks or making turns. Pedestrian lanes and pedestrian crossings are specially designed for pedestrians. Vehicles must not occupy and travel on pedestrian-only roads. When pedestrians walk on pedestrian crossing, they having the right of way, all vehicles must yield to pedestrians. 

    Guo-guo Liang, Director of Kaohsiung Motor Vehicle Office, suggested that pedestrians should stop at the sidewalk when they wait for traffic lights. It is because when heavy vehicles (especially buses, container trucks, trailers, dump trucks, etc.) make turns, there is a difference of radius between inner wheels and also a blind spot which driver cannot see through the mirrors. That makes motorcyclists and pedestrians are easily hit by the rear wheels of those vehicles. In addition, pedestrians are not allowed to run, chase, play, sit, lie, or stand on roads to ensure their own safety.

    Director Guoguo Liang said that drivers may have the chance to being pedestrians. Therefore, they should pay attention when crossing the intersections, especially for the most dangerous cases – traffic lights turning green, vehicles making turns and pedestrians crossing the roads. They should use the direction lights, pay attention to the pedestrians, slow down when approaching pedestrians crosswalks, and yield to pedestrians when pedestrians cross the roads. 

    Pedestrians also should not violate the traffic regulations, and should walk on pedestrian areas where they have the right of way. When crossing a traffic intersection, it is better to cross the roads with other pedestrians (more likely to attract attention), to wear bright clothes in the morning or at night. In addition, when pedestrians get off the bus, beware of the cars and traffic lights before crossing the road, and do not cross the road from behind the bus. Finally, it is reminded everyone that "yield right of way for safety's sake", which should be truly put in practice in life.

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