The Motor Vehicle Supervision Stations held a hilarious and creative campaign on campus to advocate road traffic safety. Print

    The Motor Vehicle Supervision Stations of Madou, Tainan and Hsinying under the Chaiyi Motor Vehicle Supervision Office went to Tainan University of Technology (TUT) on the afternoon of September 19th to advocate road traffic safety on campus. 


    Director Zhang Kaiguo and Researcher Zhou Wenjing from the Institute of Transportation under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Commissioner Yang Yaping from the Road Safety Steering Committee of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and Director Li Huihong from Chaiyi Motor Vehicle Supervision Office also arrived to support advocacy of road traffic safety. The Traffic Safety Promotion Team, the Traffic Police Corps and the Bureau of Transportation under the Tainan City Government also sponsored this event. A number of mass media reporters also made their presence to conduct interviews. The scene was very hilarious, as the 120-person venue was fully packed. 


    The event was hosted by an experienced instructor from Madou Motor Vehicle Supervision Station. The host used the dynamic and out-of-the-box method to impart knowledge and conducted simulated operations for experience learning. The host also introduced how to safely ride a vehicle and held a VR Experience Contest to enhance vehicle safety awareness through driving learning games and applications, which aroused enthusiasm in learning among the audience in a flexible and playful way. Section Chief Chen from the Driver Management Section of Madou Motor Vehicle Supervision Station skillfully demonstrated the games by showing how to learn, pass the tests and conduct free riding within the time limit while playing the games. The whole process was projected onto the large screen via WI-FI transmission. The 3 Motor Vehicle Supervision Stations dispatched well-trained trainers to each corner of the venue, so that they could teach attendees to play the games on their mobile phones. With the warm encouragement from the working staff, school mates courageously stood out to experience the game. A PK Competition based on “VR Experience” was also held, and a rich collection of trophies were given to winners. 


    The organizer aimed to actively promote the idea of safety riding. On October 13th, the "Vehicle Safety Perception Application/Driving Learning Game" and the live competition of "VR Virtual Hazardous Situation Experience" were held at the Tainan Motor Vehicle Supervision Station. The trophies included Tablet PCs, vortex air circulation fans, smart bracelets, driving recorders and other awards. So far, the online competition of the "Vehicle Safety Perception Application/Driving Learning Game" has started, and the event would continue until October 1st.. You may sign up for the event on the fan page titled "Vehicle Safety Game and Competition" or the official website of the Motor Vehicle Supervision Station.


    This should be the first time in Taiwan’s history that the 3 Motor Vehicle Supervision Stations in Tainan have cooperated with colleges and universities to develop an adventurous game on mobile phones to advocate the idea of safe riding, which allows teachers and students to experience vehicle driving based on the virtual reality (VR) app on their mobile phones. The game show was never cold and it was always hilarious from the beginning to the end. Students also enthusiastically “liked” the fan page of the game on Facebook, and they signed up for the online competition right on the spot. It was indeed a creative and successful event with the enthusiastic engagement of the audience.

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