Cooperation among Governmental Authorities to Curb Drunk Driving Print

    In order to curb the increase of drunk driving, the Taipei Motor Vehicles Office Banqiao Station provided unforgettable learning experiences. On March 7, 2019, the course of drunk driving and rehabilitation of road safety was arranged at the Banqiao Funeral in New Taipei City. 76 drunk driving recidivists witnessed the last journey of death, recognized the value of life, and learned to cherish lives to prevent from drunk driving.


    For the first time, the New Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office Banqiao Station cooperated with the New Taipei City Funeral Management Office and the Taiwan Against Drunk Driving Association. The classroom was specially arranged in a farewell ceremony hall, setting the situation like a farewell ceremony. The poster of dead was posted to mourn for those who died of drunk driving, and unforgettable learning experience was arranged to drunk driving recidivists to learn “the end of life, the last journey. First of all, the director of the Funeral Hall, Fangzi Huang, guided the process of handling the dead, toured morgues to allow the recidivists to feel the coldness of mortuary carts, and let them understand all the processes of the last journey. Then, Secretary-General, Meina Lin, the Taiwan Against Drunk Driving Association, gave lectures on life education in the farewell ceremony hall.


    Secretary-General Lin said that the course was carried out in the funeral parlor, which allowed the drunk driving recidivists to feel and understand the fragility of life, and to conveyed the message that an accident caused distressed for both side families. Lin hoped that this unforgettable training would enable the recidivists to understand that not driving after drinking is to save yourself and save others.


    Director, Hsiuchuan Huang, the New Taipei City Funeral Management Office, said that the visits for recidivists were arranged that would not affect funeral services. He was willing to support the training to help the public to improve traffic safety and to protect passers-by from dangers.


    Zaiyu Wang, director of the New Taipei City Motor Vehicles Office Banqiao Station, said that drunk driving was quite dangerous for passers-by and drivers. He hoped that this form of training would made participants aware of this issue. At the same time, he also called for "zero tolerance for drunk driving", "designated a driver after drinking" or "calling a taxi after drinking" that help passers-by and drivers themselves.

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