Is the reflector on your vehicle too much shining? Print

    Owing to the transparent disclosure of vehicle inspection information, vehicle owners can now have more understanding of the requirements for themselves and the vehicles on the road. Recently, the police often received reports from the public, saying that the rear bumper reflectors were installed with additional light devices, which were linked to the brake lights to seriously affect the rear driver's line of sight. When reported, the vehicle owner must go to the Motor Vehicles Office for contingent inspection before the date on which he/she must appear at the Police Station and explain. If the contingent inspection is overdue, the vehicle owner will receive a penalty between NT$ 900 and 1800 for violation of the "Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act" and the driver’s license will be canceled if the contingent inspection is overdue for 6 months.


    The Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office pointed out that according to Annex VII of the "Rules on Road Traffic Safety" for “Lighting and Signaling Inspection Regulations,” as of 2002/7/1, vehicles newly-registered to receive the license plate must be retrofitted with reflectors at designated positions, and the reflective color should be red. If a vehicle is not installed with reflectors according to the regulations, it can constitute a violation of the law. And the vehicle owner must go to the Motor Vehicles Office for contingent inspection and pay for illegal retrofitting if photographed and reported by the public to the police. 


    The Director of the Kaohsiung Motor Vehicles Office, Guo Liang, hereby reminds vehicle owners that the reflectors are used to get the attention of other road users. When the engine is turned off and the vehicle is parked on the roadside at night, the reflectors can reflect light and warn off other road users. If the reflector is changed into the general lighting, it may fail to function at night when the engine is off. So, don't put the cart before the horse, and don’t use general lighting in replace of the reflector.

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